My Philosophy: I teach a non restricted, real food, sustainable lifestyle.

Mission Statement: I desire to help people find freedom in real food and use it to fuel and nourish their lifestyle.

Losing weight is way more complex than how many calories you eat versus how many calories you are burning. There are so many factors that may be influencing you and your roadblock to the health status your desire! This may include things like sleep, supplements, stress, social relationships, hormone levels, diet, under exercise or over exercise.

Today, I don’t believe that everyone should eat a low carbohydrate diet or count every calorie they consume. I eat real food with plenty of healthy fats and I don’t have to count! I no longer stress about food or exercise. I feel free to live the life that is planned out for me.

You deserve to feel comfortable and at home in your own body. And guess what – it’s possible.

My Mission:

  • I desire to help people find freedom from all the nutrition information out there.
  • I want others to know how easy it is to live the life they truly want to.
  • I want to help others discover what this lifestyle is and how to achieve it, starting today.
  • I believe each of my clients will be different and need a unique, individual plan to achieve their goals.
  • I hope to help people clear away all the confusion behind dieting and counting calories and make their health and fitness goals achievable and sustainable.

My Life in Pictures


Picture credit: Tim and Stacey Rygh (top) Kelsey James Photography (bottom)

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