There and Back Again

Snippets With Snyd

A Teacher’s Tail

Finished. The first year is in the books – the grade books; but, the noise still lingers like the unceasing tiredness.

As the last moments of my students’ exam rolled by, questions flooded my mind. Though, to remain transparent, it was more of a trickle. I now fully believe in teacher burnout. As my students passingly yelled their last goodbyes, I thought, “Did I accomplish what I set out to complete?”

Undoubtedly, the year held many successes. I grew as a person, learning how to manage conflict effectively. Teaching takes a community; I owe so much to those who dedicate their lives to their co-workers and students. Thankfully, I know now that even extenuating circumstances have extenuating circumstances. I learned that every time effort exerts into something, a return is received. Like Newton’s Third Law, persistent resistance to passivity works.

Yet, the question of accomplishments plagued my…

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