Friday Favorites #2: Family Vacation

How was everyone’s Labor Day Weekend? My husband and I spent this last week with his family at a beautiful resort on a lake we go to yearly! The week was filled with swimming, fishing, games and eating great food. We love a chance to get away and spend time with family. My husband is the oldest of 10 kids and there is never a dull moment.

There was also an addition to the family this year in January – Remington Kay! She is now 7 months old and getting bigger and more talkative by the second.


We enjoyed some great food this week – made by my Mother-in-law who is amazing! She cooks for all 16 of us in a flash! Some of the meals we had were hamburgers/brats, chicken enchiladas, taco salad, mango chicken curry, teriyaki chicken and homemade pizza! We also ate lots of watermelon, trail mix and paleo brownies!


The family also loves to play games together. My favorite games that we played were 500 (the card game), croquet, Balderdash (so hilarious!) and golf (the card game). Most of us don’t really care what we’re playing, just that we’re together.fullsizeoutput_3e89

Family is so wonderful. You know they will always be there for you and accept you no matter what. I have been so blessed by not only my own family, but being so accepted into my husband’s family!fullsizeoutput_3ee4

Do you have any fun traditions that your family does together? Comment below, I would love to hear about it! 🙂