Experiences as a Student Dietitian

This post is about the various events I have had the opportunity to attend during my years in undergraduate school!

empty bowl

I was able to participate in the Empty Bowl Project. This is an event that has students paint bowls to sell at a Soup Charity. The money that is spent on the bowls and soup is donated to a local food shelf that also helps feed impoverished families!



I also had the opportunity to inform the students at UND about easy mug recipes for their dorms, as well as, increase their awareness on eating disorders. The “My Recipe Box” was a bulletin board made for resident assistant’s to use on the floor of their dormitory. The “National Eating Disorder Awareness Week” display was set up in the student union to spread the word about eating disorders.IMG_1911I had the opportunity to intern at a nursing home in Minnesota. This was an internship for foodservice management. I was able to create a theme snack and activity for the residents. I created the menu, production schedule and cost record. My theme was “National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day” which occurs on July 1st. I was able to serve two creative flavors of ice cream as an afternoon snack. The flavors were Rocky Road and Strawberry Cheesecake. We then played a game called “Pin the Cherry on the Sundae”. The winning resident was able to post the ice cream cone in their room!

I had the opportunity to volunteer with a local homeschool co-op to teach nutrition classes to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders, as well as the junior high and high schoolers!

I led an activity with the young kids. We played a fruit and vegetable mystery bag game where I hid eight different fruits and vegetables in brown lunch bags and the kids had to feel inside and guess what the fruit or vegetable was by writing it down. The child with the most correct guesses won. I then taught the kids why it is important to eat fruits and vegetables. I also went over why fruits and vegetables are so important.

For the junior high and high schoolers, I focused on sports nutrition. I talked with them about the importance of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats and also the importance of drinking water rather than sugary sports drinks and soda. I also led an activity with them. I provided plastic cups filled with water, sugar and teaspoons and also displayed three different sugary drinks – Mello Yello, Gatorade and chocolate milk. I had them split into five different groups and had them pour the amount of teaspoons of sugar into their water as the example beverage. The objective of the activity was to show them the amount of added sugar in sodas, sugary milks and sports drinks. I also wanted to encourage them to consume water and replace electrolytes with fruits, nuts and seeds instead!

Please leave your comments below if you have experience as a Student Dietitian!

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