Hi, I’m Hannah!

I love almond butter and use coconut oil with almost every meal. I still eat dessert every once in a while, but don’t feel controlled by it.

I believe that skinny does not equal beautiful. Calories are not to be critiqued or dwelt upon. Your worth is not based on the number on the scale or if you have a six pack.

Everywhere we turn, we are flooded with messages about what our bodies should look like. Often in the dieting community, the messages are confusing, overwhelming and wrong. If you’re ready to deny those messages and learn what really works for you and you’re body, you are in the right place.

You are going to love my simple approach to nutrition. I focus on eating real food to improve satisfaction and fuel your body towards your desired goals.

We are all unique and our roadblock to health is much deeper than calories in, calories out. My approach is simple and sustainable and will bring long lasting results.

I want to help you find freedom in whole foods, bring energy to your life and help you be comfortable in your own body.